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The story of Marila

I'm Marila. My moods, my experiences, my feelings, my affections take shape in my studio, transforming themselves into unique and exclusive works made entirely by hand. Each work is the result of skilled artisan hands that take care of every detail, inspired by the perfect shapes that exist in nature. All the materials used are the result of careful stylistic and technical research aimed at innovation and experimentation. Sculptures, installations, furnishings: my works refer to all this, but it is reductive to bring them back to a classification. Everyone will be able to recognize themselves in the works and refer them to meanings that arise from individual life experiences. In the design of my works, I start from an idea, from something that struck me in a particular way. In a natural way in my mind I already visualize the work in its entirety and I hardly have the need to sketch the shapes on paper. In the realization of my works alongside traditional materials such as wood and iron, I also use the frames of old armchairs or sofas, giving life to unique creations. The fabrics I use: silk, satin, velvet, lampas, cotton mix and combine in often unusual shapes. The result of all this are modern works that are nourished by memory, aimed at the future but which arise from a deep bond with the artisan tradition of the past, new and unpublished works that are at the same time familiar to those who observe them.

Chi sono : La storia
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